The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics   7522 Sunset Blvd   Los Angeles, CA 90046


SAT. SEPT. 20th at 8:30PM – FREE!


ALL HAMS ON DECK for one of NerdMelt’s longest running house shows!

As a passenger on BOOZE CRUISE you’ll sail the high seas on this inebriated voyage hosted by Ken Schultz (Brad Gage of Family Sandwich, SketchMelt, AFV XD). This month’s show features an eclectic drunken meld of stand-up, sketch & music from DAVID KOECHNER, JAKE WEISMAN, KYLE CLARK, MIKE LEBOVITZ, GOLDEN AFTERNOON & more!

And for this 13th installment, the cruisers are getting right to the point by breaking it in half! They’re going undercover, surfing with bank robbers and eating meatball subs.

Written and Produced by NerdMelt’s own Aaron H. Baker, Brad Gage, Danielle N. Kramer, Eric Lombart & Drew Spears.

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September 18th at 9pm – GET TICKETS

What’s better than your favorite movies? The SEQUELS to those movies pitched by your favorite comedians!  It’s The Sequel Show! Otherwise known as the Pitchies!

Join hosts Tony Sam and Julia Prescott as they bring to you yet ANOTHER solid line-up of comedians pitching their sequels, musical acts dancing it up mid-way, and lots of great Awards Show surprises in between!

Honoring the best in unwritten movies, because the greatest sequelsare the ones that haven’t been made yet. At the end of the show, the studio audience will vote on who receives the coveted title of, “Best Pitch.”

James Urbaniak
Sam Brown
Andrew Santino
The Fringe Riders
Caitlin Gill
and MORE!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door – GET TICKETS

PS – Is this or is this not the best GIF from a horrible sequel ever?! Thank God for Speed 2: Cruise Control!

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HI EVERYBODY! Danielle and Aaron from The NerdMelt Showroom here.

Kramer (1)AaronHBaker

We have been with the showroom for the last 3 ½ years and it’s one of the greatest things we’ve ever been a part of. The performers, the producers and the community have made this some of the best years of our lives. We’ve met so many amazing people here and have started long lasting friendships with some of the most talented and heart warming people.

We are formally announcing that we will be stepping down from running the showroom this week. It was a hard decision to make as NerdMelt is our baby and has our heart and soul in it. We have new projects we are moving on to and it’s just time to pass the torch so that the showroom can keep growing and continue being the best comedy venue in Los Angeles.

We’ll still be around a lot producing our own shows and consulting on showroom matters. So we aren’t disappearing! We don’t think we could if we tried.


We are so pleased to announce Hannah Crichton will be taking over care of the showroom as the Program Director and Nolan Fabricius as the Stage Manager. They have both been with us for the last few years, are wonderful and talented people, and both care very deeply for NerdMelt and its community. They will continue to keep the space thriving and making this your favorite place to see comedy and hang out with friends.


We have an amazing new website that is launching designed by a great friend of the showroom, Garrett Ross. There are tons of new things to check out including staff profiles, our history of album recordings, TV tapings, poster art, photography and more! Please browse around and discover new things about us you may not have known. The website also looks great on your phone. And you can purchase tickets from there too! Cool right?!?

Thank you all for an amazing time. We’ll see you around soon!


Danielle and Aaron

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The NerdMelt Showroom proudly presents a night of stand-up comedy with one of our favorites, DAVE ROSS! Come join him as he performs a longer set and has some of his friends open including Eric Dadourian and Erin Lennox!

Ross is a Los Angeles based comedian who tours nationally. He is a frequent performer on The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail and also the co-host of the podcast Terrified on the Nerdist network. Dave also writes and performs in the sketch group WOMEN. He was most recently featured telling inebriated stories on Comedy Central’s Drunk History.


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Shout at the movies! We screen the worst films you’ve never seen, and invite YOU to roast them — the best one-liners of the night will win prizes. If you like MST3K and RiffTrax, this is your scene!

It’s our big 5th anniversary show!  Your hosts for the evening, JOHN MATHOT (Disney’s Phineas & Ferb), and SUSAN WRIGHT (The Because Show podcast) will present the smash(ed)-hit “SHARKNADO 2“!  You know it, you love it, now come roast it and win a prize while you’re at it.  There will be swag and giveaways from THE ASYLUM, plus appearances from CAST & CREW!

There will be comedy from DAN TELFER (@midnight, The Pete Holmes Show) & KYLE CLARK (Nerdist, This is Rad podcast) PRIZES and FREE POPCORN!  Grab a chainsaw, and slice your way down to the show!  Get your tickets now — this show will sell out!

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September 4th at 8:30pm – GET TICKETS
SketchMelt NerdMelt Showroom

SketchMelt proudly presents a showcase of the best of new live and video sketch comedy every month! Guaranteed to be totally sketch.

See live and video sketches by
Brute Squad
Matt Ingebretson
Lisa Laureta
Curt Neil and Cornell Reid
Aaron Alberstein
Submission Winner – Recycled Babies
Hosted by Brad Gage [Family Sandwich] and Christian Spicer [Double Jump, IMPRO(vs)TANDUP]!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door – GET TICKETS

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September 2nd at 9pm – GET TICKETS
Greg Proops NerdMelt Showroom

It’s just Greg Proops and you. There’s no fan fare. Proops takes center stage at small table and chair setup with a single microphone. Then he’s off. An hour of great conversation that flies by at a break neck clip. He crams the feeling of a great two-way conversation into the lecture-style format of a one-way conversation.

Part professorial, part crazed comedian, Proops forms the show around his talent and passions. The show flows like a love letter to tangents. The Proopcast has been to Australia, New Zealand, Montreal, London, Edinburgh, Austin, Cleveland, San Francisco and off the coast of St. Martin in the Caribbean all in one year. Now you must fall.

Be there and experience joy for once in your life.

Download for free at:


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August 30th at 8pm – GET TICKETS

From the minds of Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad… SET LIST is back from sold-out shows at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, and a regular run in London. Top comics are given a never-before-seen “setlist”of strange and outrageous topics the second they walk onstage, and perform seamlessly as if its the act they normally do, while the audience follows their list on the projection screen. Complete comedy in the moment.

Featuring the never-before-seen set lists of
Emo Philips
Jay Larson
Dave Anthony
Randy Liedtke
Surprise Special Guests
Hosted by Troy Conrad

$8 in advance, $10 at the door – GET TICKETS

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August 28th at 9pm – GET TICKETS

RISK! is the show where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public. Stories they’d normally only tell to close friends. At the RISK! Live shows, the brightest stars of TV, film and literature drop their usual act and show a side of themselves you’ve never seen before.

Featuring storytellers:
Kurt Braunohler (Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour”, “Bunk”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Chelsea Lately”)
Sasheer Zamata (“Saturday Night Live”, “Inside Amy Schumer”)
Andy Dick (“Newsradio”, “The Andy Dick Show”, “The Ben Stiller Show”)
Megan Hayes (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Hair”)
Greg Walloch (The Moth, Eat Your Words)
Hosted by Beowulf Jones (The Andy Dick Incident, LA RIOT Festival, Nerdist)

$8 in advance, $10 at the door – GET TICKETS

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TUESDAY, AUG. 26th at 9PM

The NerdMelt Showroom proudly presents a night of stand-up comedy with one of our favorites, RANDY LIEDTKE! Come join him as he performs a longer set and has some of his friends open including Brendon Walsh, Nate Bargatze & James Austin Johnson!


Liedtke is a Los Angeles based comedian. He is a frequent performer on The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail and also the co-host of the The Bone Zone podcast on the All Things Comedy network. He was most recently featured on this season of Last Comic Standing on NBC.


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