Dr. Lars Dingman, World Renowned “iTunes Psychic,” can foretell a subject’s future simply by knowing the LAST THREE SONGS RANDOMLY PLAYED by the person’s digital music player.  In this live broadcast of hisTop 20 iTunes podcast, Lars will give free psychic readings to as many audience members as time allows. Each reading subject receives a certificate for a FREE 5 Day/ 4 Night Stay at the Ocean Spa Resort in Cancun, MX. Dr. Dingman has performed his insightful, intentionally humorous, shows at Universities and Institutes around world, and broadcast his popular podcast from iconic clubs including: The ImprovThe Laugh Factory, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and The Comedy Shrine.

Can a psychic be funny?

“Listen to the shows, then you tell me,” Lars explains. “The future is Hilarious, and I get to see it first!  If I had told you 20 years ago that a guy would prefer to stare at a computer screen than to grope a flesh and blood woman, you’d laugh your ass off. The future wins, the best we can do is hang on and enjoy the ride.”

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